Top 75 Famous Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville

Top 75 Famous Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville

Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet of the American Renaissance period. Among his best known works are Typee, a romantic account of his experiences of Polynesian life, and his masterpiece Moby-Dick. Melville was born in New York City, the third child of a merchant. Wikipedia
Born: August 1, 1819, New York, New York, United States
Died: September 28, 1891, New York, New York, United States

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Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville :

  1. We Americans are the peculiar, chosen people – the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world – Herman Melville

  2. Let me look into a human eye; it is better than to gaze into sea or sky; better than to gaze upon God. – Herman Melville

  3. In our own hearts, we mold the whole world’s hereafters; and in our own hearts we fashion our own gods. – Herman Melville

  4. Strange as it may seem, there is nothing in which a young and beautiful female appears to more advantage than in the art of smoking. – Herman Melville

  5. The consciousness of being deemed dead, is next to the presumable unpleasantness of being so in reality. One feels like his own ghost unlawfully tenanting a defunct carcass. – Herman Melville

  6. He pressed his forehead against mine, clasped me around my waist, and said henceforth we were married. – Herman Melville

  7. In thoughts of the visions of the night, I saw long rows of angels in paradise, each with his hands in a jar of spermaceti. – Herman Melville

  8. This divineness had that in it which, though commanding worship, at the same time enforced a certain nameless terror. – Herman Melville

  9. A true military officer is in one particular like a true monk. Not with more self-abnegation will the latter keep his vows of monastic obedience than the former his vows of allegiance to martial duty – Herman Melville

  10. The world’s a ship on its voyage out, and not a voyage complete; and the pulpit is its prow. – Herman Melville

  11. The most mighty of nature’s laws is this, that out of Death she brings Life. – Herman Melville

  12. Because no man can ever feel his own identity aright except his eyes be closed; as if darkness were indeed the proper element of our essences, though light be more congenial to our clayey part. – Herman Melville

  13. …that one most perilous and long voyage ended, only begins a second; and a second ended, only begins a third, and so on, for ever and for aye. Such is the endlessness, yea, the intolerableness of all earthly effort. – Herman Melville

  14. Evil is the chronic malady of the universe, and checked in one place, breaks forth in another. – Herman Melville

  15. Think not, is my eleventh commandment; and sleep when you can, is my twelfth. – Herman Melville

  16. Thou saw’st the locked lovers when leaping from their flaming ship; heart to heart they sank beneath the exulting wave; true to each other, when heaven seemed false to them. – Herman Melville

  17. Doesn’t the devil live forever; who ever heard that the devil was dead? Did you ever see any person wearing mourning for the devil? – Herman Melville

  18. We cannibals must help these Christians. – Herman Melville

  19. Ah, Bartleby! Ah, humanity! – Herman Melville

  20. My body is but the lees of my better being. – Herman Melville

  21. Soldier or sailor, the fighting man is but a fiend; and the staff and body-guard of the Devil musters many a baton. – Herman Melville

  22. So long as a man-of-war exists, it must ever remain a picture of much that is tyrannical and repelling in human nature. – Herman Melville

  23. Charity, like poetry, should be cultivated, if only for its being graceful. – Herman Melville

  24. Of all human events, perhaps, the publication of a first volume of verses is the most insignificant; but though a matter of no moment to the world, it is still of some concern to the author. – Herman Melville

  25. Courage is the most common and vulgar of the virtues. – Herman Melville

  26. Is he mad? Anyway there’s something on his mind, as sure as there must be something on a deck when it cracks. – Herman Melville

  27. Queequeg was a native of Kokovoko, an island far away to the West and South. It is not down in any map; true places never are. – Herman Melville

  28. I am past scorching; not easily can’st thou scorch a scar. – Herman Melville

  29. Give not thyself up, then, to fire, lest it invert thee, deaden thee, as for the time it did me. There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness. – Herman Melville

More Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville :

  1. That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man. – Herman Melville

  2. You cannot hide the soul. – Herman Melville

  3. Book! You lie there; the fact is, you books must know your places. You’ll do to give us the bare words and facts, but we come in to supply the thoughts. – Herman Melville

  4. Man and boy, I have lived ever since I can remember. – Herman Melville

  5. See how elastic our prejudices grow when once love comes to bend them. – Herman Melville

  6. …for all his tattooings he was on the whole a clean, comely looking cannibal… – Herman Melville

  7. Human madness is oftentimes a cunning and most feline thing. When you think it fled, it may have but become transfigured into some still subtler form. – Herman Melville

  8. But the might-have-been is but boggy ground to build upon. – Herman Melville

  9. To a sensitive being, pity is not seldom pain. – Herman Melville

  10. For God’s sake, be economical with your lamps and candles! not a gallon you burn, but at least one drop of man’s blood was spilled for it. – Herman Melville

  11. Of all nature’s animated kingdoms, fish are the most unchristian, inhospitable, heartless, and cold-blooded of creatures. – Herman Melville

  12. Will you, or will you not, quit me? I now demanded in a sudden passion, advancing close to him. “I would prefer not to quit you”, he replied, gently emphasizing the not – Herman Melville

  13. Madman! Look through my eyes if thou hast none of thine own. – Herman Melville

  14. The Marquesan girls dance all over; not only do their feet dance, but their arms, hands, fingers, ay, their very eyes seem to dance in their heads. – Herman Melville

  15. It is upon record, that three centuries ago the tongue of the Right Whale was esteemed a great delicacy in France, and commanded large prices there. – Herman Melville

  16. Woe to him who seeks to please rather than appall. – Herman Melville

  17. My means are sane, my motives and my object mad. – Herman Melville

  18. There is a woe that is wisdom, a woe that is madness. – Herman Melville

  19. War should be carried on like a monsoon; one changeless determination of every particle towards the one unalterable aim. – Herman Melville

  20. For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of the half known life. – Herman Melville

  21. We become sad in the first place because we have nothing stirring to do. – Herman Melville

  22. Stay true to the dreams of thy youth. – Herman Melville

  23. There’s something ever egotistical in mountain tops and towers, and all things grand and lofty. – Herman Melville

  24. Yea, foolish mortals, Noah’s flood is not yet subsided; two thirds of the fair world it yet covers. – Herman Melville

  25. No mercy, no power but its own controls it. Panting and snorting like a mad battle steed that has lost its rider, the masterless ocean overruns the globe. – Herman Melville

  26. The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul. – Herman Melville

  27. God help thee, old man, thy thoughts have created a creature in thee; and he whose intense thinking thus makes him a Prometheus; a vulture feeds upon that heart for ever; that vulture the very creature he creates. – Herman Melville

  28. Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale… from hell’s heart I stab at thee. – Herman Melville

  29. What man who carries a heavenly soul in him, has not groaned to perceive, that unless he committed a sort of suicide as to the practical things of this world, he never can hope to regulate his earthly conduct by that same heavenly soul? – Herman Melville

  30. For, as when the red-cheeked, dancing girls, April and May, trip home to the wintry, misanthropic woods; even the barest, ruggedest, most thunder-cloven old oak will at least send forth some few green sprouts, to welcome such glad-hearted visitants . – Herman Melville

More Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville :

  1. There are two places in the world where men can most effectively disappear – the city of London and the South Seas. – Herman Melville

  2. Father Mapple uplifted his closed eyes, and offered a prayer so deeply devout that he seemed to be kneeling at the bottom of the sea. – Herman Melville

  3. I could…see in Emerson…that had he lived in those days when the world was made, he might have offered some valuable suggestions. – Herman Melville

  4. None but a good man is really a living man, and the more good any man does, the more he really lives. All the rest is death, or belongs to it. – Herman Melville

  5. …The silent reminiscence of hardships departed, is sweeter than the presence of delight. – Herman Melville

  6. God’s one and only voice is silence. – Herman Melville

  7. Were this world an endless pain, and by sailing eastward we could forever reach new distances, and discover sights more sweet and strange than any Cyclades or Islands of King Solomon, then there were promise in the voyage. – Herman Melville

  8. Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll! Ten thousand blubber-hunters sweep over thee in vain. – Herman Melville

  9. If not against us, nature is not for us. – Herman Melville

  10. I never fancied broiling fowls; – though once broiled, judiciously buttered, and judgmatically salted and peppered, there is no one who will speak more respectfully, not to say reverentially, of a broiled fowl than I will. – Herman Melville

  11. The ancients of the ideal description, instead of trying to turn their impracticable chimeras, as does the modern dreamer, into social and political prodigies, deposited them in great works of art, which still live while states and constitutions have perished, bequeathing to posterity not shameful defects but triumphant successes. – Herman Melville

  12. If there be any thing a man might well pray against, that thing is the responsive gratification of some of the devoutest prayers of his youth. – Herman Melville

  13. all mankind, not excluding Americans, are sinners–miserable sinners, as even no few Bostonians themselves nowadays contritely respond in the liturgy. – Herman Melville

  14. Surely a gentle sister is the second best gift to a man; and it is first in point of occurrence; for the wife comes after. – Herman Melville

  15. It is well known, that the best productions of the best human intellects, are generally regarded by those intellects as mere immature freshman exercises, wholly worthless in themselves, except as initiatives for entering the great University of God after death. – Herman Melville

  16. The world is forever babbling of originality; but there never yet was an original man, in the sense intended by the world; the first man himself–who according to the Rabbins was also the first author–not being an original; the only original author being God. – Herman Melville

  17. Where does any novelist pick up any character? For the most part, in town, to be sure. – Herman Melville

  18. How feeble is all language to describe the horrors we inflict upon these wretches, whom we mason up in the cells of our prisons, and condemn to perpetual solitude in the very heart of our population. – Herman Melville

  19. That author who draws a character, even though to common view incongruous in its parts, as the flying-squirrel, and, at differentperiods, as much at variance with itself as the caterpillar is with the butterfly into which it changes, may yet, in so doing, be not false but faithful to facts. – Herman Melville

  20. Praise when merited is not a boon: yet to a generous nature, is it pleasant to utter it. – Herman Melville

  21. As in digging for precious metals in the mines, much earthy rubbish has first to be troublesomely handled and thrown out; so, in digging in one’s soul for the fine gold of genius, much dullness and common-place is first brought to light. – Herman Melville

  22. We die of too much life. – Herman Melville

  23. It is not for man to follow the trail of truth too far, since by so doing he entirely loses the directing compass of his mind. – Herman Melville

  24. It is with fiction as with religion: it should present another world, and yet one to which we feel the tie. – Herman Melville

  25. The names of all fine authors are fictitious ones, far more so than that of Junius,–simply standing, as they do, for the mystical, ever-eluding Spirit of all Beauty, which ubiquitously possesses men of genius. – Herman Melville

  26. The only ugliness is that of the heart, seen through the face. And though beauty be obvious, the only loveliness is invisible. – Herman Melville

  27. A beautiful woman is born Queen of men and women both, as Mary Stuart was born Queen of Scots, whether men or women. – Herman Melville

  28. beauty is like piety–you cannot run and read it; tranquility and constancy, with, now-a-days, an easy chair, are needed. – Herman Melville

  29. One of the coolest and wisest hours a man has, is just after he awakes in the morning. – Herman Melville

More Inspirational Quotes of Herman Melville :
  1. While nature thus very early and very abundantly feeds us, she is very late in tutoring us as to the proper methodization of our diet. – Herman Melville

  2. Boy, take my advice, and never try to invent any thing but–happiness. – Herman Melville

  3. Of the quaking recruit, three pitched battles make a grim grenadier; and he who shrank from the muzzle of a cannon, is now ready to yield his mustache for a sponge. – Herman Melville

  4. He who is ready to despair in solitary peril, plucks up a heart in the presence of another. In a plurality of comrades is much countenance and consolation. – Herman Melville

  5. Let us only hate hatred; and once give love a play, we will fall in love with a unicorn. – Herman Melville

  6. In a multitude of acquaintances is less security, than in one faithful friend. – Herman Melville

  7. In our man-of-war world, Life comes in at one gangway and Death goes overboard at the other. Under the man-of-war scourge, cursesmix with tears; and the sigh and the sob furnish the bass to the shrill octave of those who laugh to drown buried griefs of their own. – Herman Melville

  8. If a well-constituted individual refrains from blazoning aught amiss or calamitous in his family, a nation in the like circumstance may without reproach be equally discreet. – Herman Melville

  9. A thing may be incredible and still be true; sometimes it is incredible because it is true. – Herman Melville

  10. All truth is profound. – Herman Melville

  11. In metropolitan cases, the love of the most single-eyed lover, almost invariably, is nothing more than the ultimate settling of innumerable wandering glances upon some one specific object. – Herman Melville

  12. Climate of Egypt in winter is the reign of spring upon earth, & summer in the air, and tranquility in the heat. – Herman Melville

  13. The poor man wants many things; the covetous man, all. – Herman Melville

  14. Poor people make a very poor business of it when they try to seem rich. – Herman Melville

  15. Fame is an accident; merit a thing absolute. – Herman Melville

  16. The entire merit of a man can never be made known; nor the sum of his demerits, if he have them. We are only known by our names; as letters sealed up, we but read each other’s superscriptions. – Herman Melville

  17. There is no Champollion to decipher the Egypt of every man’s and every being’s face. Physiognomy, like every other human science,is but a passing fable. – Herman Melville

  18. If you are poor, avoid wine as a costly luxury; if you are rich, shun it as a fatal indulgence. Stick to plain water. – Herman Melville

  19. Personal prudence, even when dictated by quite other than selfish considerations, surely is no special virtue in a military man; while an excessive love of glory, impassioning a less burning impulse, the honest sense of duty, is the first. – Herman Melville

  20. There are doubts, sir, which, if man have them, it is not man that can solve them. – Herman Melville

  21. The dinner-hour is the summer of the day: full of sunshine, I grant; but not like the mellow autumn of supper. – Herman Melville

  22. As a man-of-war that sails through the sea, so this earth that sails through the air. We mortals are all on board a fast-sailing,never-sinking world-frigate, of which God was the shipwright; and she is but one craft in a Milky-Way fleet, of which God is the Lord High Admiral. – Herman Melville

  23. The great God absolute! The centre and circumference of all democracy! His omnipresence, our divine equality! – Herman Melville

  24. Delight,–top-gallant delight is to him, who acknowledges no law or lord, but the Lord his God, and is only a patriot to heaven. – Herman Melville

  25. Surrounded as we are by the wants and woes of our fellow-men, and yet given to follow our own pleasures, regardless of their pains, are we not like people sitting up with a corpse, and making merry in the house of the dead? – Herman Melville

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