Top 75 Famous Inspirational Quotes of Louis Pasteur

Top 75 Famous Inspirational Quotes of Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases, and his discoveries have saved many lives ever since. Wikipedia
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Inspirational Quotes of Louis Pasteur :

  • Once one is used to working, one can no longer live without it. And of course, everything in the world depends on it; in science, one is happy; in science one rises above all others. Louis Pasteur

  • It means a great deal… to have will power; for deeds and work always follow the will, and work is almost always attended by success. Louis Pasteur

  • These three things, will power, work, and success, are the mainstays of human existence: will power opens the doors to brilliant and happy careers; work allows us to pass through them, and once we have run the course, success will crown our achievement. Louis Pasteur

  • From the lives of men who have marked their passage with a trail of enduring light, let us piously gather, for the benefit of posterity, every detail, down to the slightest words, the slightest acts calculated to reveal the guiding principles of their great souls. Louis Pasteur

  • When once we have acquired the habit of work we can no longer live without it. Louis Pasteur

  • Work is the thing upon which everything else in this world depends. Louis Pasteur

  • By means of knowledge we raise ourselves above everybody else. Louis Pasteur

  • I will pursue it for ten years, if need be. Louis Pasteur

  • How beautiful it is! How beautiful it is! …. I must work. Louis Pasteur

  • If you have every known anything of the subject, what have you done with your knowledge? And, if you have not known, why do you interfere? Louis Pasteur

  • The time has come to emancipate the experimental sciences from the obstacles which trammel them. Louis Pasteur

  • Where are the true sources of human dignity, of liberty, of modern democracy, unless they are contained in the idea of the infinite, before which all men are equal? Louis Pasteur

  • Your enthusiasm, my brave mother, you bequeathed to me. If I have always associated the greatness of science with the greatness of the Fatherland, it is because of the sentiments that you inspired in me. Louis Pasteur

  • If I have always associated the greatness of science with the greatness of my native land, it is because I was impregnated with the sentiments which you [his parents] inspired in me. Louis Pasteur

  • Fortune favors the prepared mind. Chance favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur

  • Comtois, give up! Faith, I never will! Louis Pasteur

  • The only thing which a condemned man fears is death. Louis Pasteur

  • The best proof that an investigator is on the road to truth is the uninterrupted fertility of his labours. Louis Pasteur

  • In teaching me to read, you made sure I learned about the greatness of France. While teaching me to read, you also took pains to teach me the greatness of France. Louis Pasteur

  •  If I could only smell the odor of the tannery, I am sure I would feel much better. Louis Pasteur

  • Every student owes it to himself to go to Paris. Louis Pasteur

  • As for my baccalauret examination, the further I go, the easier I find it, because the subjects seem to shrink as I go along, and those I have studied do not seem to amount to very much. Louis Pasteur

  •  I go to bed early and get up late. Louis Pasteur

  • Even if this project should not produce any finding worth publishing you can imagine that it would be very useful for me to do practical work for several months with such an experienced chemist. During the summer I will try to do some other work myself. Louis Pasteur

  • I do not need it, as you can imagine, but such a dictionary is always useful to have in the house. Louis Pasteur

  • They may not be very expressive or very intelligible… and they may not be properly done, but the intention is there, and that means a great deal. Louis Pasteur

  • The expenses for my theses more than ruined me. Louis Pasteur

  • When I began to pursue specific research, I sought to strengthen my abilities by studying crystals, anticipating that this would provide me with knowledge I could use in the study of chemistry. Louis Pasteur

  • Dimorphism is not in the Dictionnaire de l’Academie . Louis Pasteur

  • I would rather stand at the head of my classes than receive ten thousand praises flung out superficially in the course of current conversation. Louis Pasteur

  • My dear sisters, I recommend to you once again to be industrious and to love each other. Louis Pasteur

  • It was evident that this most vivid light had been thrown upon the cause of the phenomenon of rotary polarisation…. In a word, that a great path, new and unforeseen, had been opened to science. Louis Pasteur

More Inspirational Quotes of Louis Pasteur :

  • How can researches be conducted in relation to gangrene, the viruses, and experiments in inoculation, unless we have quarters suitable for receiving animals, whether alive or dead? Louis Pasteur

  • I have my head filled with the finest projects for work, but the war has forced my brain to lie fallow. I feel ready now to become productive again, although alas, I may be deceiving myself! In any case I shall try. Louis Pasteur

  • I have at least the consolation of the thought that all this work which we defended together is destined not to perish. And this faith in our science is shared by the collaborators and disciples here present. Louis Pasteur

  • Hold fast to the enthusiasm, but make strict accuracy its inseparable companion. Assert nothing that cannot be proved in some simple and decisive fashion. Louis Pasteur

  • Cultivate the critical spirit. Taken by itself, it is neither an awakener of ideas no an incentive to great deeds. But without it nothing is stable. It always has the last word. Louis Pasteur

  • Even if science has no country, the man of science must have one, and it is to her that he should give the credit for the influence which his labours may have throughout the world. Louis Pasteur

  • French science will do its utmost, in obedience to the law of humanity, to extend the frontiers of life. Louis Pasteur

  • One of my compatriots from the Jura, the mayor of the city of Dole, has brought me a photograph of the very humble home in which my father and mother lived their hard and needy life. Louis Pasteur

  • If at times I have troubled the calm of our Academies with somewhat heated discussions, it was because I was passionately defending the truth. Louis Pasteur

  • Do so up to the moment when, perhaps you may have the immense happiness of thinking that you have contributed in some measure to the progress and well-being of humanity. Louis Pasteur

  • Where life favours your efforts to a greater or less extent, one must have earned the right to say when the great goal draws near: ‘I have done what I could’. Louis Pasteur

  • Say to yourselves first: What have I done towards my own education? And then, in proportion as you advance: What have I done for my country? Louis Pasteur

  • Happy is he who carries within him his own ideal, and lives in obedience to it. Louis Pasteur

  • Come! We are going to transform the world by our discoveries! Louis Pasteur

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